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The Thyroid Debacle Clinician's Training Course will teach you what you should have learned in school.


No more whack-a-mole medicine. Learn a strategic, logical approach to eliminate symptoms, reduce medication, and improve your patients' quality of life.



The Current System of Thyroid Care Is a Debacle.


Modern medicine has completely misunderstood thyroid physiology. For decades, we’ve trained our physicians to believe that:


Thyroid function is solely limited to the thyroid gland.


The only hormones that matter are TSH and T4.


And the only treatment available is thyroid hormone replacement (Levothyroxine/Synthroid).


This model is way too simple. It’s also illogical – and even harmful.


Not only does it disregard our patients’ suffering, but it can actually make thyroid disorders worse, keep patients unwell, and set the stage for further disease to develop.


I don’t make these claims lightly. 


I’ve been in the trenches with patients for over two decades. 


I’ve witnessed their frustration with the medical system firsthand. I’ve seen their exasperation after waiting months to see a (well-meaning) endocrinologist, only to be told that nothing was wrong with their thyroid because one or two of their lab test results were “normal.”


Despite the best intentions of most clinicians, the antiquated model of thyroid care is causing us to fail our patients because we’re missing the big picture:


Thyroid signs and symptoms are not from a “broken” thyroid gland. They’re an adaptive response caused by stress!


Once you understand this concept and how to address the unique causes for your patients, you CAN help them eliminate hypothyroid symptoms, reduce their need for thyroid medication, and even achieve regeneration of their thyroid gland.


I’ve seen it in my practice many times!

I’m Dr. Eric Balcavage, a clinician with over 20 years of experience.


I've helped thousands of people heal from thyroid disorders and symptoms, all while REDUCING their need for thyroid medication or supplements.

And now I'm on a mission to introduce a revolutionary new approach in thyroid care to as many physicians as possible. 


The Thyroid Debacle Clinician's Training Course

This isn't what you learned in medical school...


In fact, this information will challenge everything you thought you knew about thyroid physiology.

But I assure you everything in this course is based on the latest research, tested in over 20 years of clinical practice, and proven with positive results from hundreds of patients.

You’ll learn how to:

  • Identify, examine, and screen for all thyroid pathologies
  • Interpret FULL thyroid lab panels (not just TSH + T4)
  • Run and interpret other lab panels (CMP, lipids, iron, etc.) to identify trends contributing to thyroid symptoms
  • Choose the RIGHT  type of thyroid medication for each patient (spoiler: T3 is NOT always the answer, and less is often more)
  • Adjust medication doses as lab values and symptoms change
  • Help patients identify the underlying stressors causing their hypothyroid signs and symptoms
  • Make lifestyle, diet, and supplementation recommendations personalized to each patient’s unique physiology and stressors

What's Included In The Course...


What's Wrong with The Current System

An overview of thyroid physiology and a high-level look at how most allopathic physicians currently diagnose and treat thyroid disorders.

  • Thyroid anatomy and physiology
  • The different thyroid pathologies
  • Proper thyroid evaluation and treatment
  • Challenges with allopathic/conventional medical thyroid care

A New Perspective of Thyroid Dysfunction

Diving into the Cell Danger Response hypothesis, how it impacts thyroid physiology, and a new way of evaluating labs and markers.

  • Looking beyond TSH
  • Hypothyroidism as a spectrum disorder
  • The impact of Cellular Hypothyroidism
  • A 7-Step Process for interpreting thyroid labs

The Strategic Thyroid Solution

An introduction to the key factors that either result in higher or lower states of health. We explain each of the fitness factors, how they can contribute to poor health, how you can assess your patients, and recommendations for improving each factor – often resulting in reduced thyroid symptoms and better overall health.

  • How to identify and fix the underlying root causes of thyroid dysfunction
  • The 9 Fitness Factors that help you determine each patient’s stress load

Case Studies

This is where the magic happens. We walk through case studies from three real-life patients so you can see exactly how the principles of the Strategic Thyroid Solution are applied.

  • Case Study 1: 28 y/o mixed martial artist struggling to make weight
  • Case Study 2: 46 y/o female complaining of hair loss, weight gain, infertility
  • Case Study 3: 39 y/o female with hypothyroidism, weight gain, low libido

This Course Is For You If You're...


  • Frustrated with not being able to help your thyroid patients…
  • Tired of “whack-a-mole” strategies with thyroid medication and dosages…
  • Wondering why your patients still have thyroid symptoms despite “normal” labs…
  • Or just wanting to understand thyroid physiology better so you can help your patients uncover the root cause of their thyroid dysfunction and prevent further health complications… 

But What About Functional Medicine Practitioners?


What if you're already operating outside the conventional model? Can you benefit from this course?


Even the most educated functional medicine doctors are still making critical mistakes with their thyroid care, like…

  • Over-medicating to get TSH as low as possible
  • Prescribing T3 or NDT for most of their patients
  • Overusing supplements (vitamin D and iron are big ones!)
  • Misunderstanding the physiological role of reverse T3 (rT3)
  • Not fully understanding how to interpret a full thyroid panel, especially in the context of a patient’s other metabolic labs, signs, and symptoms

Some of those might surprise you.

But once you learn the basics of thyroid physiology and the REAL cause of thyroid disorders and symptoms, it'll all make sense.

How Is The Thyroid Debacle Course Different?


Allopathic & Functional Medicine Perspectives

In this course, you'll be taught from an allopathic/conventional AND functional medicine perspective.

Fully revolutionizing thyroid care can only come from understanding the current model. If you know how most clinicians are taught to treat and diagnose thyroid conditions, you’ll be able to see the flaws and know what needs to change to give patients better care!

My co-teacher, Dr. Kelly Halderman, has a medical doctorate (MD) and traditional Naturopathic Medical degree. She teaches Part 1 of the course from an allopathic perspective, giving you a complete rundown of how MDs learn to diagnose and treat thyroid disorders. 

In Part 2 and 3, you’ll learn the “Strategic Thyroid” approach from me (Dr. Balcavage, DC, CFMP, BCIM) using a more functional/integrative medicine lens.


Cell Danger Response & Stress Theory

The model of care we teach is based on a scientific principle not covered in any other courses: The Cell Danger Response.

Just having this information under your belt will make your practice unique!

The theory of cellular stress answers many of the questions you’ve been having:

  • How can someone have symptoms of thyroid hormone insufficiency, when there are sufficient levels in the blood?
  • Why do I have to wait until someone has overt hypothyroidism  before treating them?
  • Why do my patients improve with the addition of T3 or NDT medication, but then plateau or get worse?
  • Why do my hypothyroid patients also often have high cholesterol, high triglycerides, and high glucose? 

Real-Life Application & Case Studies

Information only gets you so far. 

That’s why we included case studies from three real patients in the course.

You’ll get a detailed breakdown of their signs and symptoms, all labs from a 3-month period, supplements, thyroid medication and doses, and their results after using the Strategic Thyroid approach.


Board Certification with AANWP

The Thyroid Debacle Clinician’s Course is accredited by the American Association of Natural Wellness Practitioners (AANWP).

Upon completing the program, you’ll be eligible to board certify with the AANWP and receive a certification as a “Strategic Thyroid Specialist” to present on your website or physical practice.


What Other Clinicians Are Saying

"Dr. Balcavage is one of the thyroid experts I depend on for reliable, science oriented content that not only encompasses the unique bio-individuality of each patient, but also digs deep into the biochemistry and cellular metabolism relevant to thyroid health."

- Cynthia Thurlow, NP

"Dr. Eric Balcavage is my go-to resource on all things thyroid physiology and hypothyroidism. He dives deep but also offers hope with practical suggestions on how to course correct when typical thyroid interventions have failed. I recommend this to everyone who struggles with thyroid dysfunction or who is in medicine and wants to truly learn more about the thyroid beyond synthroid and selenium."

-Dr. Carrie Jones, ND, FABNE, MPH

"Dr. Eric Balcavage is a wealth of information when it comes to all things thyroid health. He has been my go-to for years, in sharing thyroid-related cases. His holistic perspectives on the causes of thyroid dysfunction are second to none in the field. In this course he shares those very causes and solutions to optimizing thyroid health."

- Dr. Christian Gonzalez

We Need YOUR Help to End The Thyroid Debacle.


You see it every day. 

Too many people are suffering from thyroid dysfunction, and the only tools most clinicians have are two lab values and one medication.

That’s not enough!

Even functional medicine docs aren’t given the full picture of thyroid physiology. So we fall into the same trap of over-medicating and over-supplementing our patients (albeit by different strategies).

After going through the Thyroid Debacle Course, you can move away from an illogical model that simply slaps bandaids on symptoms, and start using a revolutionary new approach that works.

This is a message of hope. Your thyroid patients aren’t broken. 

Once you understand that hypothyroidism is an adaptive response, you’ll know that their bodies are doing exactly what they’re supposed to be doing. You just need better tools and strategies to help them uncover why.

This course will give you those tools.

You’ll not only feel educated and empowered, but you’ll be able to ACTUALLY help your patients feel better, reduce their need for medication, and prevent long-term health complications.

Our mission is to spark a revolution in thyroid care and put an end to the Thyroid Debacle.

And that starts with clinicians like you.


The Thyroid Debacle Clinician's Course

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